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UBC Okanagan Heat Ultimate strives to teach its players, coaches, leaders, and the community at-large the importance of the ‘Spirit of the Game’ which emphasizes fairplay and respect through purposeful sport-specific rules, excellence in play, hard work, and integrity for the sport. UBC Okanagan Heat Ultimate also strives to advance the sport of Ultimate through recruiting new players to the sport and advancing the level of play, not only in our program, but across the Okanagan, throughout the province, and across the country.

2021-2022 Welcome Information

Welcome Information

The Welcome Information link above includes the links below. Please ensure you have read through and completed all forms below.

UBC Okanagan
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Reminder that 1 player head shot in softball uniform should be sent to, Competitive Sport Club Coordinator upon completion of the Player Profile Form.


2021-2022 Mandatory Registration Requirements

Budget Plan

The Budget Plan is updated regularly throughout the season and includes updated player fee information.

included as part of your player fee online registration
Photo Release
included as part of your player fee online registration

Roster Information

included as part of your player fee online registration
Get Active
please download, individually complete, and submit to after completion. Printed forms can also be returned to the Competitive Sport Club Coordinator.
please speak to your coach if you have not received Disclosure Policy and Disclosure Completion forms. Forms to be submitted to the Competitive Sport Club Coordinator.


All volunteer staff including coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, team staff, etc. need to complete this registration prior to joining team activity.
All student executive need to complete this registration prior to joining team activity.
2021-2022 Supplementary Player Requests
Early Move-In Request  
Early Enrollment Request  
Facility Membership Competitive Sport Club student-athletes are eligible for a student-athlete facility membership. Please visit the Customer Service Desk on the ground level of the UBCO gymnasium facility to purchase your discounted membership.
2021-2022 Player Event Information
Move-In Day We need your help! Sign up to volunteer on Sat, Sep 4, 2021 from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for UBC Okanagan's Residence Move-In Day.
Media Day - Part 2 Thu, Sep 23, 2021 | 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. | Upstairs gymnasium lounge area. Please wear full uniforms / no cleats required 
Practices - Fall 2021 There are 23 scheduled practices for Fall 2021. Sign up is open for all interested in developing their Ultimate game. The cost is $25. 


2021-2022 Travel Forms
Travel Request



Code of Conduct Executive Safety Plan