The University of British Columbia

UBC's Okanagan campus Athletics Philosophy

Students come to UBC's Okanagan campus expecting to get a high-quality education. Student-athletes come to UBC's Okanagan campus expecting to get a high-quality athletics experience. UBC's Okanagan campus expects the best out of its coaches and student athletes. We expect their best efforts:

  • in terms of academic performance – attendance, class participation, studying/writing, and exam taking;
  • in terms of athletic performance – training, practicing, and competing; and,
  • in terms of their behaviour – on and off the court and on and off the campus - they are representing UBC Okanagan.

We believe that values and life skills such as team work, self-discipline, respect for self and others, fairplay, time-management, hard work, etc. are not automatically infused in all who participate in, or follow, varsity sport. These things must be taught, modeled, reinforced, expected. 

Our philosophy is built on the premise that UBC Okanagan, as an institution, believes that varsity athletics can be a valuable component of one’s post-secondary education if, and only if, appropriate values and life skills are gained. 

UBC O’s athletic philosophy is based on the belief that varsity sport is a privilege not a right. It is built on the realization that every UBC Okanagan student pays an Athletics & Recreation Fee, a portion of which is used to support the varsity athletics program, and that the beneficiaries of that fee, the student athletes selected to represent UBC O, need to live up to the expectations of those who provide them this opportunity. 

Our philosophy, of expecting the best, starts with the administration of the university and of the athletics department. It is the job of the Director of Athletics to ensure that the coaches we hire understand and share this philosophy, and have the temperament to model it consistently and in the most trying of emotional times. 

It is the job of our coaching staff and the AD to communicate these expectations to recruits and their parents before they commit to join our program and to continually reinforce these expectations to coaches and student athletes. Our recruitment process and recognition system reflects support for this philosophy as do our disciplinary actions. 

We believe that if our student athletes learn to expect the best from us, and know that we expect the best from them, that they will come to expect the best of themselves, in all things and at all times.