Presidents' Cup

Presidents' Cup

Presidents' Cup Athletics Challenge

University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus versus Thompson Rivers University

Re-established 2014

Full membership in the Canada West Universities Athletics Association was granted to Thompson Rivers in 2010 and UBC's Okanagan campus in 2013, allowing this challenge, originally issued in 1993 and suspended in 2004, to be re-established. The same spirit and intent of the original challenge remain.

The plaque on the original Presidents' Cup states the spirit of the competition.

History of the Presidents' Cup Challenge

In 1993, OUC President Dr. Bill Bowering issued a challenge to Mr. Jim Wright, the President of the University College of the Cariboo with respect to collegiate athletics in the Interior. The challenge was issued in the spirit of friendly athletic competition to encourage excellence in performance, sportsmanship and friendship among the students, faculty and staff of the two institutions.

In the first year of competition, the cups were contested in basketball only. The women's cup was won by UCC while the OUC men were victorious. In 1994/95, the competition was expanded to include basketball, soccer and volleyball competitions, with points awarded for each victory in regularly scheduled league play. OUC won both the women's and the men's cups in 1995, 1996 and 1997. UCC retaliated by winning both in 1998 and the cups were again split in 1999. As Cariboo College ramped up for their Canada West bid they also take seven of the remaining eight awarded Cups with OUC winning the final women's cup awarded in 2003.

The tie-breaking procedure for this award is total points for and against in each of the sports of basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Presidents' Cup

Yearly Winners

1993 OUC UCC
1994 OUC OUC
1995 OUC OUC
1996 OUC OUC
1997 UCC UCC
1998 UCC OUC
1999 UCC OUC
2000 UCC UCC
2001 UCC UCC
2002 UCC UCC
2003 UCC OUC
2013-14 (Scoring Matrix) TRU UBCO
2014-15 (Scoring Matrix) TRU TRU
2015-16 (Scoring Matrix) TRU TRU
2016-17 (Scoring Matrix) TRU UBCO
2017-18 (Scoring Matrix) TRU TRU
2018-19 (Scoring Matrix) TRU TRU
2019-20 (Scoring Matrix) TRU TRU
2021-22 (Scoring Matrix) UBCO UBCO